Oracle and Java expertise

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Welcome to the website of Jom IT, Oracle specialist with more than 24 years of Oracle experience.


Jom IT is located in Goirle, The Netherlands and is founded by Toine van Beckhoven. I can do short and long assignments for which an in-depth Oracle database and development experience is required. No matter if it concerns custom development of an administrative application, an interface between existings applications, performance tuning or installation/management of your Oracle environment, I would love to see what we can mean to each other.


The website shows among other things my vision, solutions and publications. By means of the contact form you can reach me.

“I am Toine van Beckhoven, 45 years old and owner of Jom IT. After 11 years of professional experience in the IT sector and a masters degree in Information Science I started my own company on 1-1-2007.


In 1989 I encountered Oracle software for the first time and since that time I explicitly specialised in Oracle products, both during my study and my work. I am both a developer and a DBA with several Oracle Certified Professional certifications and have a passion for PL/SQL, the RDBMS and especially performance tuning. In 2006 Java/J2EE (ADF and JHeadstart) was added to my interests. I always aim at high quality software with optimal performance. Since 2009 I maintain an Oracle weblog to share my knowledge and experience”